A major change in the scope of the decisions rendered by E4ethics is their binding nature. This means that a member would be in infringement of the EFPIA Code of Practice if they provided support to a Third Party Educational Event assessed as not compliant. Therefore, it is possible for the Third Party Educational Event Organiser or an EFPIA member, to file an appeal on a decision with the Compliance Panel provided that the following requirements are respected:

  • Appeals must be filed within a deadline of 10 working days for Pre-Clearance and Regular Submissions after the Compliance Officer’s assessment decision has been published on the EthicalMedTech website calendar.
  • The formal appeal with supporting documentation must be addressed in writing to Mr. Jean-Claude Najar, Chair of the Compliance Panel at cvs@ethicalmedtech.eu, with copy to clarisse.aillet@ethicalmedtech.eu and myriam.invidia@ethicalmedtech.eu.

The Compliance Panel acts as a last decision-making instance an any appealed assessment and endeavours to respond to appeals within 5 working days of receipt. Their role is defined in the MedTech Europe Code’s Procedural Framework and Internal Procedure document.

In the framework on the integration of e4ethics and harmonisation with the CVS procedures, EFPIA Member Associations will not have a formal role anymore in the appeal process. However,  the Compliance Panel may, at their discretion, consult the relevant member association for additional information during an appeal review process.

It is important to note that the Compliance Panel does not provide guidance and interpretation on the EFPIA Code of Practice.