Conference Vetting System


The Conference Vetting System falls within the supervisory remit of the MedTech Europe Compliance Panel, whose task is to ensure the impartiality, independence, competence, and integrity of the decision-making process and to prevent conflicts of interest.

The MedTech Europe Compliance Panel is composed of three members:

  • Jean-Claude Najar, Chair of the Compliance Panel (2021-, former Member, 2018-2021). Retired attorney (Coudert Frères, Curtis Mallet-Prevost Colt & Mosle, Lazareff Le Bars); held senior legal and compliance positions at GE Healthcare, GE Oil & Gas, GE Capital, and GE France; former professor of compliance at the SciencePo Law School; former lecturer at the Seton Hall and INSEAD healthcare compliance courses; member of ETHICS (International Society of Healthcare Compliance & Ethics Professionals). Law degrees from Lausanne, the Sorbonne, and LSE.
  • Susanne Logstrup, Member of the Compliance Panel (July 2021-). Retired. Previously Director of the European Heart Network (Brussels, Belgium); Client Support Specialist, Gartner Group (Paris, France); Attorney-at-law (Paris, France; Copenhagen, Denmark). Master’s degrees in law and business administration (MBA).
  • Willy Vanbuggenhout, Member of the Compliance Panel (July 2021-). Retired from Johnson & Johnson in 2019. Previously Chief Privacy Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for Johnson & Johnson. Former member of the Global Healthcare Compliance and Privacy Leadership Team and the Johnson & Johnson Compliance Committee. Held various senior legal positions in the Johnson & Johnson Law Department. Degrees in Business Management, Law and Philosophy. Past Chair of the European Working Group and Vice Chair of the International Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Privacy Consortium (IPMPC) and former member of the Data Protection Working Group of EFPIA.

The Compliance Panel oversees both the Conference Vetting System and e4ethics platforms, and the day-to-day management, on which neither the EFPIA Secretariat/Members nor the MedTech Europe Secretariat/Members have a say.

The Compliance Panel acts as a last decision-making instance on any appealed assessment. Their role is defined in the MedTech Europe Code and Internal Procedure document.