Pre-Clearance provides Third-Party Educational Event Organisers the possibility to seek the advice on whether or not the minimum required criteria to initiate discussions with EFPIA members on their financial support to an event are compliant with EFPIA Code of Practice. Such advice can also be sought by Third-Party Educational Event Organisers before they sign any contracts or make any financial commitments with suppliers regarding the Event. For example, a conference organiser which is considering holding an event in a particular city using a particular conference venue may, years in advance and up to 6 months before that planned date of the event, make a Pre-Clearance submission to the Compliance Officers.


  • Prior to introducing a Pre-Clearance submission, Third-Party Educational Event Organisers should look into the assessed criteria requirements.
  • Pre-Clearance submissions will only be accepted via the EthicalMedTech online submission form.
  • Pre-Clearance must be made by the Healthcare Organisations or Professional Conference Organisers who are the actual organisers of the educational event in question.
  • An educational event may be submitted for Pre-Clearance years in advance but not later than six months prior to the event starting date.
  • The geograhic location and event venue details are the minimum information required for a Pre-Clearance to be accepted.


  • The Compliance Officers will endeavour to render Pre-Clearance assessment decisions within 15 days of receipt of a complete online Pre-Clearance submission form.
  • Pre-Clearance decisions will only be published on the www.ethicalmedtech.eu calendar website with the specific approval of the event organiser. The website will contain a section in which the event organiser may indicate such authorisation. It is highly recommended that positive Pre-Clearance assessments be posted as soon as the event organiser is ready to make the event public. This will allow EFPIA members to incorporate the assessment into their decision making process regarding the sponsorship of the event.
  • All events, whether they have been Pre-Cleared or not, must go through the Regular Submission Process. An overall assessment of the event is still mandatory for EFPIA members to fulfill grants and contracts obligations.