Conference Vetting System



Regular Submissions must be made no later than 75 days prior to the event starting date, via the online Ethical MedTech submission form. Late submissions made outside the 75-day timeframe will not be automatically handled (see below).

The minimum information and details to provide with any event submission must document the geographic location and the exact conference venue.

Based on this, the Compliance Officers will render a provisional assessment limited to the two criteria that can be assessed at that point. The provisional decision will be posted on the website, with a notice that the conference will remain under a provisional status until 35 days prior to the conference starting date, awaiting additional information.

The event submitter is responsible for providing proactively via the platform all the detailed information pertaining to the scientific programme, the registration fees details for participants (not the sponsorship packages), the hospitality and social programme included in the fees for participants.

Importantly, please note that:

  • Web links are not sufficient, submitters must make sure they upload the pdf (or Word/Excel/Jpg) programme, along with a clear summary of what the fees for participants include precisely, with details on venue and format of all meals included and all activities covered by the fees for participants (format and venue).
  • The rendered decisions are based on the documents and information provided in English to the Compliance Officer via the online submission formThe Compliance Officer does not independently verify whether the information or documents are up-to-date.

Be aware of the deadlines !

  • If complete information is not provided by the submitter or orgnaiser to the Compliance Officers at least 35 days prior to the event starting date, the conference will not be assessed. A non-assessment notice will be posted on the Ethical MedTech website.
  • If the Compliance Officers receive an event submission less than 75 days before the event starting date, the conference will not be assessed.

PROVISIONALLY COMPLIANT STATUS – Additional information is needed

The Compliance Officers will endeavour to render a provisional assessment decision within 30 days of receipt of the online submission form, under the condition that the submission is timely and complete. This time window is indicative and may vary depending on the number of event submissions, and the nature of the submission itself.

CORRECTION NOTICE – 10 days to take corrective measures

In case of a preliminary negative assessment, the Compliance Officer will notify the relevant stakeholders via a temporary correction notice underlining the inappropriate aspects. Submitters/organisers have 10 calendar days to take corrective measures before the final decision is published.

Appeals to the Compliance Panel cannot be filed during the correction notice period, but only after a final decision was rendered by the Compliance Officers.


Late submissions made outside the 75-day timeframe will not be automatically handled. Before making an event submission or contacting the Compliance Officers, please read the official guidance for all event submissions. Requests for late submission will only be accepted in very exceptional circumstances !

Any decision to accept or not a late submission is taken independently by the Compliance Panel Chair and it is final, which means it may not be overturned.

The request must be introduced via the online submission form, be well documented and explain the reasons why the event submission does not meet the deadlines. A follow up note providing the EMT reference number of the application may be sent by email to both Compliance Officers.

For the case a late submission is handled, it is important to note that this exception entails conditions: submitters and organisers forfeit their right to appeal the final decision for any late submission that was granted an exception and assessed.