About Ethical MedTech: Conference Vetting System

The Conference Vetting System is a unique initiative in the healthcare industry.  This independently managed system reviews the compliance of third-party educational events with both MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice and Mecomed Code of Business Practice (the “Codes”) to determine the appropriateness for companies which are members of MedTech Europe and Mecomed to sponsor Healthcare Professionals to participate in such conferences.

The Conference Vetting System is a centralised decision-making system that encourages transparency and consistency in medical conferences and alleviates the complex administrative burden previously faced by MedTech Europe and Mecomed members, who were constrained to make their own determinations on whether or not a educational event is compliant with the Codes.

The decisions rendered by the Compliance Officer are binding on MedTech Europe and Mecomed members. Which means that members of MedTech Europe and Mecomed may not directly sponsor or cover expenses of Healthcare Professionals to attend a third-party educational event which is found to be not compliant.