Since July 2023, MedTech Europe has decided to end all certifications under the Ethical Charter program. Therefore, new accreditation or test are no longer supported.

The Ethical Charter initiative, not to be confused with the Conference Vetting System, was designed for Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) or Professional Congress Organisers (PCOs), wishing to demonstrate to industry partners their commitment to the ethical standards outlined in the Industry Code. 

Upon completion of a three-step process, the Ethical Charter provided HCOs and PCOs a Trusted Partner logo valid for renewable periods of two years. Acquisition of the logo granted a presumption of compliance. 

The Ethical Charter entailed the following key features: 

  • Expression of interest: Online form to be submitted by applicant organisations (PCOs/HCOs) interested in signing up to the Ethical Charter 
  • Training webinar: An online educational video to be reviewed by PCOs/HCOs’ selected staff members of applicant organisations to acquire a good understanding of the MedTech Europe Code 
  • Self-assessment: PCOs/HCOs’ selected staff members had to proceed to an online test, in order to evaluate their understanding of the Code 
  • Ethical Charter: Commitment from PCOs/HCOs under the form of the Ethical Charter Agreement signed by the CEO/Legal representative of the applicant organisation (PCOs/HCOs). 

At the moment this program is not going to be relaunched. 

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