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General information

This website was created by MedTech Europe, with registered offices at Rue Joseph II 40, 1000 Brussels and is managed by the independent MedTech Europe Compliance Officer under the supervision of the independent MedTech Europe Compliance Panel.

This website and the information it contains may be provided that the terms and conditions of use hereafter are fully complied with. By using this website you (hereafter referred to as the “User”) are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions, which are subject to change. It is therefore recommended that the User consult this website regularly for such changes.


The purpose of this website is to serve as a reference for MedTech Europe and Mecomed members in certain matters of ethics and healthcare compliance. MedTech Europe, Mecomed and their members are committed to ensuring that their relationships with Healthcare Professionals adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards.

This website provides MedTech Europe and Mecomed members, as defined in the MedTech Europe statutes and other interested parties with the important information regarding the financial support of pre-identified independent third-party organised conferences.

MedTech Europe Members are encouraged to consult the Conference Database on prior to making decisions regarding either the sponsorship of third-party independently organised conferences or of Healthcare Professionals to attend such conferences.

The recommendations and decisions of the MedTech Europe Compliance Officer with regard to conferences will be made based on the rules and processes described on the EthicalMedTech website.

These recommendations and decisions, which will be posted on the website, are without prejudice to the following:

  • The posted recommendations and decisions are valid as from the date of posting.
  • The recommendations and decisions are based on documents and information provided by the User or other authorised parties via the "Submission Form". The MedTech Europe Compliance Officer does not independently verify the accuracy of such documents or information nor does the Compliance Officer determine whether the information and documents submitted are up-to-date.
  • The recommendations and decisions do not take into account national and local laws, regulations or professional and company codes which may impose more stringent or additional requirements.
  • The recommendations and decisions do not take into consideration the quality or content of the scientific programme or the quality of the faculty or speakers.

Negative recommendations and decisions will include a statement setting out the reasons why a particular conference does not comply with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice. Conference organisers identified in a submission will be notified ten days prior to the issuance of a negative recommendation or decision in order to permit them to correct deficiencies prior to the issuance of a final recommendation or decision.


The EthicalMedTech website is publicly accessible and all information and tools offered on the website are available free of charge.

Users may not:

  • wrongfully or unlawfully use the information on the website;
  • use the website in any way that may damage or alter its contents, disrupt its availability or affect its efficiency in any way;
  • use the website for transmitting or posting computer viruses, unlawful or wrongfully obtained material, or material that is in any way inappropriate, including but not limited to libellous, obscene or intimidating material;
  • use the website in any way that violates the rights of a natural person, a legal person or an association, including but not limited to violations of privacy rights and/or intellectual property rights.


Through the EthicalMedTech website the User may be referred to other websites which are not under the control of MedTech Europe. Links to other websites are provided solely as a convenience. Therefore, those links imply neither responsibility for, nor approval of, the information contained in these websites by MedTech Europe.


Sometimes the EthicalMedTech website will use so-called "cookies". A cookie is a bit of information that we write on the hard drive of your computer. Each time you visit the EthicalMedTech website this information is sent back to the website manager. We only use this information to verify your identity so that the User does not have to enter a username and password on each visit. Users can set up their browser to warn them each time a cookie is created or they may prevent the creation of cookies.


For submitting conferences, the User needs a password to access certain sections of the EthicalMedTech website. In such cases it is strictly forbidden to access these sections without a password. If the User receives such a password, it shall be kept secret and confidential. Every use made of our services after valid identification with your password will be deemed to have been made by you. Medtech Europe has the right to cancel a User's password at any time.


Information on this website is provided in good faith. MedTech Europe has made all reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information, but cannot guarantee completeness or accuracy of the information at any time. Neither the Compliance Officer nor the Compliance Panel accepts any responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the information on the EthicalMedTech website.

Users recognise that the use of the EthicalMedTech website is under their sole responsibility. Every effort is made to keep the website up and running smoothly. However, MedTech Europe takes no responsibility for and will not be liable for the website being temporarily unavailable due to maintenance, technical issues beyond our control or for any other reason. MedTech Europe accepts no responsibility with regard to problems incurred as a result of using the EthicalMedTech website or any linked external site. MedTech Europe will not assume any responsibility and shall not be liable for any damages to, or viruses that may infect, Users’ computer equipment or other property on account of a User’s access to, or use of information on, the EthicalMedTech website

MedTech Europe, the Compliance Officer and the members of the MedTech Europe Compliance Panel shall not have any liability to any person with respect to:

  • Due to claims made or actions taken as a result of that person acting or refraining from acting based on the conclusions, recommendations or decisions of the Compliance Officer or the MedTech Europe Compliance Panel; or
  • Recommendations or decisions based on obsolete or incomplete documents or information furnished to the MedTech Europe Compliance Officer.

This disclaimer is not intended to limit MedTech Europe’s liability in contravention of any requirements laid down in applicable national law nor does it exclude liability for matters which may not be excluded under law.

Intellectual property

The totality of the content of the EthicalMedTech website is protected by legislation regarding copyright. Information on the EthicalMedTech website is made available on condition that no part of the materials (including photographs) may be reproduced or abstracted without the agreement of MedTech Europe. Following such agreement, materials must indicate the source and the date of latest update indicated on the relevant page. Photographs should show the copyright as indicated on the website pages.

Privacy and personal data

MedTech Europe is committed to acting in conformity with all applicable privacy laws, in particular the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of private life, and the collection and processing of personal data. Information provided by Users of this website is used solely to answer their requests. In line with the Belgian law of 8 December 1992, Users have the right, at any moment, to access their personal data, to modify them or to ask that they be released from the database that Medtech Europe and/or the Compliance Officer may constitute. Requests for modification, change or release personal data, should be addressed to

Information provided by Users may be used by Medtech Europe and its Internet provider in the aggregate with a view to measuring the use of this website and to improve its effectiveness. In no circumstances would such data be sold or relayed to any third party.


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