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EthicalMedTech is a platform, supported by Eucomed, dedicated to ethics and compliance projects in the European MedTech industry.

The Ethical MedTech platform hosts the Conference Vetting System (CVS), a unique initiative in the healthcare industry. This independently managed system reviews the compliance of third-party educational conferences with the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice (the “Code”) to determine the appropriateness for companies which are members of Eucomed and members of the national associations affiliated with Eucomed to sponsor Healthcare Professionals to participate in such conferences.

CVS aims to simplify and centralise decision-making for Eucomed members by establishing a single assessment procedure based on a set of criteria provisioned in the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice. It also aims to harmonise the interpretation of the Code across the European medical technology industry with the goals of greater consistency and transparency in industry behaviour.

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31 July 2014 – Information on the international conference assessment pilot

Assessments made under Eucomed’s EthicalMedTech international CVS pilot program are recommendations only. They are not binding on Eucomed member companies and are subject to each member's interpretation of the Eucomed Code.

The international CVS pilot ended on July 17, 2014. Data collected during the international pilot will be evaluated by Eucomed before a decision is made on a possible extension of the CVS platform to cover non-European third party medical educational conferences.

Conference Calendar

Compliant Compliant status means that a conference has been assessed as appropriate for Eucomed members to sponsor a Healthcare Professional to participate.

To be Reviewed To be reviewed status means that a submitted conference is in review process and no decision by the Compliance Officer have been rendered yet.

Not Compliant Not compliant status means that a conference has been assessed as not appropriate for Eucomed members to sponsor a Healthcare Professional to participate. Other form of sponsorship are not concerned by this decision.

Not assessed Not assessed status means that the Compliance Officer did not have sufficient information to proceed with the review process or that a submitted conference does not fulfill the Conference Vetting System requirements.

Part. Compliant Partial status is a temporary status that concerns the geographic location, conference venue and proposed accommodations. The overall appropriateness of the conference is subject to the assessment of further information on the conference programme, registration packages, entertainment and social activities that must be provided by the submitting party up to 35 days prior to the conference starting date.

The conference calendar provides an overview of all online submissions made in the Conference Vetting System and their status.

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