Ethical Charter


Please note that applications to the Ethical Charter process are currently limited to Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) and Professional Congress Organisers (PCOs) as defined by the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.

The leader of the applicant organisation is invited to identify the relevant person(s) within his/her organisation, who will go through the learning and assessment process. These persons are typically in charge of medical education, Events organisation, Educational Grants, logistical aspects of the Event planning and/or industry’s relations. Each organisation may enroll up to 5 staff members into the Ethical Charter process.

The leader of the applicant organisation will receive an email notification that the process started, with a summary of the team members enrolled in the process.

Each enrolled team member will also receive an individual email notification explaining the process and granting access to the online webinar and online assessment. Please check your spam folder or contact us if you do not receive such notification.

Access to the online assessment will only be granted to each participant after the online webinar has been watched entirely. Success rate to pass the online assessment is set at 85% minimum. Each participant is granted three attempts. If for any reason, you do not succeed within the three attempts, please contact us, and we will support you. You may also visit the Resources section of the website.

Only after all identified individuals have successfully passed the online test, the leader of the organisation shall connect to his/her user account: 

  • Upload the logo of his/her organisation
  • Generate, read and sign electronically the online official Ethical Charter agreement

After the electronic signature of the Ethical Charter agreement, the Trusted Partner logo will be automatically available via the user account of the leader of the organisation.

Please read carefully the terms and conditions of the use of the Trusted Partner logo (part of the Ethical Charter agreement).

The name and logo of the new Trusted Partner will be automatically published in the dedicated area of the Ethical MedTech website.