Ethical Charter


When organising a conference, timing is critical for all parties. Organisers seek funding opportunities at an early stage. On the other hand, Medtech Europe members need to be able to plan their commercial and educational activities at these Events.

It is also important for MedTech Europe members to avoid situations where non-compliant elements are included in the Event programme.

The Ethical Charter is one way to address the timely commitment, both for Third Party Congress Organisers and MedTech Europe member companies

The Ethical Charter will showcase the Healthcare Organisations and Professional Event Organisers which committed to comply with the MedTech Europe Code.

Please note that applications to the Ethical Charter process are currently limited to Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) and Professional Congress Organisers (PCOs) as defined by the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice. Travel agencies are excluded from the scope of application. Therefore, applications to the Ethical Charter initiative from travel agencies will not be considered.

Please see the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice for complete definitions of these terms and further information.

For avoidance of doubt, all Events still need to go through the complete assessment process and obtain an overall assessment decision from the Conference Vetting System (CVS). We endeavour to provide a swifter provisional assessment of Events organised by Trusted Partners submitted through CVS.

With a visible symbol of commitment to compliance provided to Trusted Partners, MedTech Europe member companies will have the opportunity to provide early support to Trusted Partner, knowing these are aware of the MedTech Europe Code and committed to organise their Events accordingly.
The Ethical Charter provides an entire section to acquire knowledge and ensure understanding on the MedTech Europe Code, focused specifically on the areas relevant to PCOs/HCOs. Are available:

  • A training webinar
  • An online test
  • Additional material in the Resources section of the website
  • A newsletter addressed to Trusted Partners, with notice of recent Code updates and upcoming events and trainings